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Call for Submissions.

Attention Educators and Facilitators!

The MI Apprenticeship Steering Committee [MASCI] is excited to announce the launch of the Skilled Trade Program of the Year grant and recognition. 


This contest shines a spotlight on important skilled trade programs across the State. 

Skilled Trades of the Year Program.JPG

Participating in the contest is easy!

Create a Video

  • Create a video that showcases the skilled trade program. The video should highlight the various trades offered and the projects completed by students.

Be Creative

  • Creativity is encouraged! Acceptable footage includes interviews with students, educators, industry professionals, students working on projects, and testimonials from alumni who have pursued successful careers in the skilled trades. Feel free to incorporate music, graphics, and other elements to make your video stand out.

The Winning Program

  • Length of the video is capped at five minutes and must be submitted by December 1, 2023. The winning program will be selected by a panel of industry experts and skilled trade professionals based on creativity, content, and overall impact. Two programs will be chosen. The first program will receive a $1300.00 grant, and the second program selected will receive a $1000.00 grant, with both being given the prestigious title of "Skilled Trade Program of the Year."

Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2023

Additionally, two representatives from each program with selected videos will be invited to the MASCI conference, December 11th-13th. The video will also be shared with attendees of the conference, and potentially posted to social media and the website. 


Please utilize the online link to apply.  We look forward to receiving your submissions and celebrating the Skilled Trade Program of the Year!

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